We interviewed a handful of General Contractors, and David Sloan stood out as very creative, thoughtful and articulate. As our ideas expanded after hiring Sloan Construction, Dave was very clear and direct about what was possible and his perspective on where dollars were best spent. He would routinely say, “We can do that, but it will be pretty expensive. If we do it this other way, I think you will have a similar result and save a lot of money.” This was an incredibly refreshing approach, and one that fostered a comfort level through which our design and construction plans became a true collaboration.

One of the challenges in doing a project in Boulder is that while there are a lot of talented people in the trades, it is hard to know who is reliable (especially when the weather is good or the powder is fresh). Dave has surrounded himself with a team of individuals and subcontractors who are of the highest integrity, true craftsmen and gentlemen who in our case also knew that we had to live in our home (with a new baby and other young children) while the project was going on and were extremely respectful of that reality. Further, Dave and his guys just happen to be a group of people who are smart, funny, and easy to be around; do not discount the fact that it is an enormous bonus to actually enjoy the company of the people who will be coming and going at your home for this period of time.

It is with utmost confidence that we suggest Sloan Construction. After a collective 39 years in Boulder between us, we feel that we have found the very best our town has to offer! We are looking forward to our next project which we will, without a doubt, hire Sloan Construction to manage on our behalf.

John and Jessica Helson
January 26, 2016

We have been delighted with the work performed by Jim and all of the sub-contractors `{`with Sloan Construction Company`}`. The work itself is very high quality and pleasing, and we sense a lot of pride in it. We have felt our interests carefully protected by Jim, we have liked every one of the subs we have met, and we have not had a moment of hesitation about any one of them being in our house. We feel very fortunate to have been connected with you and Dave and your company, and we are looking forward to working together on the kitchen and other projects in the future. This experience has gone way beyond our expectations.

Patricia Ammann
September 9, 2015