Sloan Construction – July Update

Summer in the Colorado Rockies means the construction of one of our Grand Lake projects, a multi-use property, is about to begin. Upon completion, it will offer commercial space and condos.

Three home remodels are wrapping up and we just celebrated the next stage of one of our biggest remodels, (pictured above), with a Plywood Party for the owners to show off their grand redesign before the drywall goes up.

The deconstruction phase for Boulder’s September School is underway where we’re doing a significant renovation of two existing buildings that will be transformed into high school classrooms and administrative offices.

There are two home-remodel projects in permitting and work has just begun on another home remodel in Louisville.

All of this work has meant we’ve had the opportunity to grow our staff once again; now to six employees and more support personnel in our bustling office.

Sloan Construction Company is on the move. What can we do for you?